This course offers an immersive journey into the world of qualitative research using MAXQDA. Spanning five  modules, this course starts with an introduction to MAXQDA's benefits and setup, followed by in-depth explorations of coding techniques, data management, and advanced functionalities like memos and visualization tools. Participants will also delve into collaborative projects and have a hands-on experience through a guided case study.
Designed for researchers, academics, and professionals, this course equips learners with the essential skills and understanding to conduct rigorous qualitative analyses with MAXQDA. Whether a novice just starting or an experienced researcher looking to deepen their expertise, this course provides step-by-step guidance, practical exercises, and valuable insights to transform qualitative data into meaningful insights.
Responsibilities: Instructional Design Manager, eLearning Development, Content creation
Target Audience: Qualitative data analysts and researchers
Tools Used: Articulate Rise, Figma

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